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Agent Representation

Every professional player is continuously pulled in every direction by numerous individuals/organisations offering their services as an agent with the same promise of getting them ‘the best deal’. Even the best of these agents may be short term in their approach or are more focused on their commission in any transaction.

At Capstone Sport, we adopt a different approach because we have a deeper understanding of the sport and a better appreciation of the player. Agent representation and management is only one aspect of our holistic client management programme.

Rather than place or move a player in order to earn a commission we will only do so for the clients’ best career progression interests. When it comes to contract negotiation, we have extensive experience and a track record in negotiating value adding terms and conditions for our clients benefit.

Whilst the conventional agent may also become semi-detached or disappear altogether as soon as he collects his commission, we at Capstone Sport stay close throughout counselling, supporting, representing and advising as necessary in and out of season to ensure that our client remains on top of his game.

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