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If you require any of our services, please contact us and one of our team members will be more than happy to assist you.

Talent Development & Management

Talent is only but one half of the key ingredient required for a successful career in modern day professional football. The other is specialised professional guidance every step of the way from infancy through to retirement. This is where the involvement of Capstone Sport contributes in transforming a talented footballer into a successful professional.

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Agent Representation

Every professional player is continuously pulled in every direction by numerous individuals/organisations offering their services as an agent with the same promise of getting them ‘the best deal’. Even the best of these agents may be short term in their approach or are more focused on their commission in any transaction.

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Sponsorship & Brand Endorsement

Successful elite footballers are personalities with intellectual property assets that could be harnessed for their benefit. As such we at Capstone Sport recognise the necessity to assist every client with creating, developing and sharpening a brand image that will follow them throughout their sporting career and beyond.

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Public Relations

Successful sports men and women are constantly in the public eye and are role models both to their fan base and the public at large. Effective management of the player’s relationship with the public is therefore an essential ingredient in the player having a successful career.

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Lifestyle & Wealth Management

Top flight football is an all consuming profession demanding total commitment and focus. Yet personal matters be it a house move, personal diary hiatus or an issue with a close friend or a family member, all have significant capacity to cause career inhibiting distractions. Capstone Sport provides a dedicated support team that takes care of these essentials for our clients.

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Post-Career Planning

At some time in the future every footballer will have to ‘hang up their boots’ but how many of them plan for retirement well in advance?

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Sports Events Management

From time to time we organise football matches either in honour of our clients or for the benefit of certain good causes. We are also regularly consulted by commercial organisations with an interest in football to assist with the organisation of football matches and appearances featuring high profile players and personalities.

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